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Hello designers, 3D artists, asset creators and gamechangers!

Today we are at the intersection of real life and our new identities to be born.

These new identities we gonna own, which will explore and find itself in the metaverses will be quite different than our real selves.

We will have new traits that we didn’t think we had, we will have new psychological archetypes, new ids, egos, and superegos. That will come with new clothes, new toys, new houses, and new friends.

As Seedify, we know what’s coming. We see that future. Not only we see, but we want to create that future together!

And today we are happy to share that Seedify Metaverse Asset Program with 10 million $ to give through grants is live!

Whether you are solo or a team of artists, we are here to supply you financial grants and advisory you need to create sold-out asset collections.

Inspiration board for types of virtual assets you can create for the metaverse.

As Seedify, we have a huge community of about 500k followers in twitter, 150k+ readers in medium, 150k+ members in telegram channel, who are passionate about the metaverse & who own cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

With our upcoming IMO (Initial Metaverse Offering) Launchpad that will be live in a few weeks, (on top of the grants you receive to prepare your collections) you will be also closer to creating sold-out collections, more than ever.

So as Seedify, not only we will support talented artists with financial resources and go-to-market advisory, but also provide the means to ease your job in multiple other categories; so you can only focus on the art and assets you create and make sure they are top notch stuff people would love to own.

The inspiration board up there is for you to start getting creative and if you want to go further, break out of the system, become financially independent completely, and create the future of the metaverse, we will be with you on that journey!

Here is our application form to give grants to selected solo artists and teams who want to create NFT asset collections for the metaverse, in a carefree way!

Grant application form:

Basics of Seedify Metaverse Asset Program

Let’s create the metaverse together!
Seedify Team

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By: Seedify Fund


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