We continue our Identity Series with CryptoArtists of Color at CryptoArtNet. Daïm Aggott-Hönsch and oculardelusion each suggested the topic separately which I thought was a great idea!

The shortness of the list surprised me but I hope that will change. I would have expected the concept to include more people but I reached out with a group email and maybe some folks missed it. It also may be a more culturally specific term rather than one used around the world. I really don’t know!

If you are listed on CryptoArtNet and identify as an artist of color, however you define that catchall term for race/ethnicity/identity, please contact me so I can add you to this post: clyde(at)cryptoartnet(dot)com

If you’d like to create a listing and be included, please start here.

This post is a follow-up to Women of CryptoArtNet, which will eventually have a Part 2, and will in turn be followed by LGBTQ CryptoArtists and CryptoArtists 50 and Over.

CryptoArtists of Color (Alphabetical with notes from Artists’ Listings)

abstract imageCabo

I love various arts of abstract, creative, innovative, inspirational, and motivational themes.

My heart is in poetry and writings as well. Soon I will share some of my works in that regard.

Being a part of the CryptoArtNet community is exciting and I’m very much looking forward to the growth of this platform.

This is a more than an opportunity of displaying art. It is a freedom of expression, an avenue that will provide art lovers a look into the creations of creative minds, emotions, and outlooks.

So come often, share, and enjoy the journey of digital art on the blockchain. After all, it’s more than a moment, it’s the future of immutable craft.

Twitter: @CryptoAutobot

Neel Yadevgiant arrow crushing human on ground

Student of life, death, the human condition and everything in between – a jack of all trades; master of none.

Twitter: @n831y

oculardelusionabstract image

I’m a writer and multidisciplinary artist transplanted from the West Coast of California to the Norfolk coast of England.

My visual work straddles analog and digital media – from traditional letterpress printing to still and moving lens-based images and large-scale animated projections on medieval buildings. A longtime participant in multiuser digital worlds, I’m currently exploring the possibilities of VR and cryptoart as tools of expression.

Founding member of 105collective.uk, a group of UK-based cryptoartists bringing a diversity of voices to the cryptoart space.

Twitter: @oculardelusion

Osinachiman holding a lamb in arms

Aesthetically and procedurally, Osinachi’s work explores visible existence as protest. The artist is interested in depicting and reimagining how individuals and collectives engage in advocacy for freedom of identity by thwarting societal expectations. This could be through the things they wear, the paraphernalia they adorn themselves with, or simply by being and existing in a form (albeit harmless) that the society frowns upon.

Through his work, Osinachi indirectly calls out the society to acknowledge its shame and failures. Drawing from his experiences as an Igbo person, he creates figurative portraits that feature subjects often posing in bold and assertive positions and, whether they are nude or dressed in African textile prints, they initiate conversations that most people are often hesitant to have around identity – sexual, gender, cultural and otherwise.

From a genuinely happy and successful single mother to a man in a dress, Osinachi’s subjects appear without eyes, prompting the viewer to shut their own eyes against physical appearances when judging an individual’s essence and worth. Sometimes, the artist takes a cue from ‘80s black-and-white portrait photographs, which he grew up seeing in homes across South-East Nigeria.

Twitter: @Prince_Jacon

Sami Lingabstract image

Sami is a creative tech professional whose expertise spans many disciplines and programs.

She has 7 years experience producing work under the banner of many international household brands (Disney, Universal, Nickelodeon etc), through blockchain she offers her experiments with algorithmically generated digital abstract expressionism.

Twitter: @MikailaDeady

sturecabstract image

I am a multifaceted artist with a lifetime of trying to find a career that not only suites but also inspires. trying a multitude of different crafts. Geometry loves colors and I love them both.

Studied industrial engineering back in college and have masters degrees in graphic design and computer technologies. Love coding, designing, tattooing and swing trading.

Twitter: @sturec5

CryptoArtNet appreciates diversity in all its forms. Join us!


By: Flux Research


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