CryptoBladers, it is a great pleasure to announce our Binance Smart Chain rewards upgrade! With this upgrade comes a plethora of awesome updates to increase rewards for our players starting with an increase of over 10 times to our hourly allowance. Previously, the rewards allowance was 18.75 SKILL per hour, now itโ€™s 200 SKILL per hour! This allows players to play at any time of the day to earn!

Accompanying this increase, there is now no withdrawal limit in place and no tax applied after claiming all rewards!

MultiFarm multipliers and partner tokens are in full effect, allowing players to earn a variety of partner tokens while playing CryptoBlades. This allows for more organized claiming and a variety of rewards.

The average power on BSC is less than 18200. Considering Level 41+ teams with 5-star swords, a new player will currently pay around $60 in SKILL for that team, and earn $100+ in SKILL per month! This is based on the current SKILL price.

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By: CryptoBlades


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