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Presenting NuPay Technologies

NuPay Technologies was established in 2020 by Brad Wilson, headquartered in Waterville, Ohio. NuPay is developing innovative, eco-friendly projects on an exclusive blockchain that is adapted for them.

The team is fully doxxed and is very compliant with the legislation:

The NuPay blockchain, powered by Proof of Randomness provides accessibility, security, speed and value to meet the ever changing demands of businesses, communities, and individuals. We seek to unlock the limitless potential of digital assets; all while having a minimal impact on the planet. 

Today, the company wants to develop a new service for its users: an NFT Marketplace.

The PRISM Marketplace

PRISM marketplace

This marketplace is above all user-friendly by offering a fluid experience for users with little or no experience in crypto or with using blockchain.

It will be possible to mint unique pieces of art ranging from music and 3D Sculptures, to digital art & fashion items. The creation, sale and exhibition of NFTs and their respective collections is intuitive and straight-forward.

In the near future PRISM will offer USD/Credit Card payment options, boosting the accessibility for new markets and onboarding new collectors. Our current partnerships include Gary Lang, Alan Bodner, George Benson, Maxwell Stevens, Bill Wyland Galleries, the Galerie Bruno Masa, and many more. Once PRISM launches a cacophony of colour and creativity will be unleashed. 

PRISM Marketplace wants to offer artists and users different ways to interact with each other:

  • ‘Like’ your favorite creations
  • Profile customisation 
  • Patent protection options
  • Credibility score & Reputation data
  • Exclusive drops & 1/1 collectibles.

Dealing with NFT theft: PRISM ProtectArt 

Despite the popularity surge, there are many concerns about licensing and legal rights, true ownership, among other intellectual property debates. 

The PRISM NFT Marketplace is excited to announce that they have exclusive rights to a patent-pending art protection mechanism. This will allowing NFT artists to protect their artworks, and for collectors to protect their valuable collectibles. 

Not only does this technology protect digital artworks from the “right-click-save”, but also allows artists, using state-of-the-art file tracking techniques, to track down and protect themselves against buyers trying to resell the NFT unlawfully. 

NuPay Technologies Incorporated, PRISM’s parent company, has been granted an exclusive license to use this patent-pending technology, ProtectArt.

The next steps for the PRISM Marketplace

The primary goal for the near future is to implement the NuPay blockchain directly into the PRISM Marketplace. This will make it possible to achieve the objective of an eco-friendly NFT marketplace, without transaction fees and to make accessing and using NFTs easier.

NuPay plans to create its own virtual world in order to enter the artificial reality space. In this way, people will be able to interact with one another in a more realistic manner. 

Also, NuPay will have its own artificial reality NFT art exhibits and people will eventually be able to pay for their own virtual exhibit to display their art. Moreover, we are collaborating with galleries and museums to provide QR codes to accompany physical pieces. These NFTs can be sold via PRISM as memorabilia and collectibles, as the influence of the digital world grows there is infinite potential in such modern, metaverse style collecting. 

PRISM launches very soon, be sure to register for exclusive early access: https://prismnfts.com

Be sure to stay up to date and join PRISM & NuPay on social media; 

PRISM: Telegram – Twitter

NuPay : Linkedin – Website – Telegram



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