Web3 lifestyle and entertainment brand Doodles has joined forces with Crocs, a global leader in casual footwear, in a partnership to merge the physical and digital realms. Doodles and Crocs will release a product lineup that combines traditional fashion with modern technology on August 29.

Spearheading the collection is a set of exclusive Doodles x Crocs Classic Clogs and accompanying Jibbitz charms crafted by Burnt Toast, the co-founder of Doodles. Each Doodles x Crocs Classic Clog Bundle comes with a redeemable “Crocs Box” digital collectible.

“We’re beyond excited to announce our collaboration with Crocs. Partnerships rarely get more organic than this one. Our unique style and characters lend themselves so well to the Crocs brand and footwear,” said Julian Holguin, CEO of Doodles. “We’ve enjoyed working with a team that doesn’t shy away from innovation and pursuing new ways to deliver fun products and  experiences.” 

“Partnerships rarely get more organic than this one. Our unique style and characters lend themselves so well to the Crocs brand and footwear.”

Julian Holguin, CEO of Doodles

This collaborative initiative underscores Doodles’ commitment to introducing Web3 to the mainstream, all while delivering limited-edition products to its loyal community.

Crocs x Doodles
Credit: Doodles

Dive Deeper

Buyers will acquire a Crocs Box digital collectible with every purchase of the Doodles x Crocs Classic Clog Bundle. Upon opening this collectible, the owner will gain access to 2 Doodles Wearables and a Beta Pass, offering them early entry to Doodles’ Stoodio—an immersive platform for tailoring and creating Doodles characters.

Within this virtual realm, collectors can adorn their Doodles avatars with the latest range of Crocs wearables. The wearables enclosed within each Crocs Box come with different rarity levels, with each design hand-drawn by the creative team at Doodles.

“Together, we’re offering a unique collection that draws on our collective innovation and devoted fanbases that bridge the physical and digital worlds.” shared Heidi Cooley, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Crocs, in a statement.

While the Doodles x Crocs Collection will be officially for grabs on the doodles.app platform August 29, Doodles’ Original Collection digital collectibles holders will be granted exclusive access a day prior, on Monday, August 28.

This collaboration with Doodles gains strength from its dedicated community in a mutually beneficial alliance, propelling both partners toward new horizons. For Crocs, it signifies a dynamic stride in their Web3 journey, pushing past conventional boundaries and embracing pioneering technology, while for Doodles, the path toward mainstream recognition gains momentum.


By: Erika Lee


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