Batten down the hatches, a saccharin-filled fashion collection is making a beeline for the NFT kingdom. OG NFT PFP project, Doodles, has partnered up with divisive clog-maker, Crocs, for a pastel-enriched set of limited-edition footwear.

Coming in hot at 12pm EST on August 28, OG Doodles holders will get the first opportunity to snag their eye-catching apparel for a discounted price of $99. All before the public sale opens at 12pm EST on August 29, giving ordinary folk just 48 hours to acquire the items for $120 a pair.

Each item in the exciting new collection will feature a tasty, and moderately outlandish pair of genuine Crocs plastic shoes, adorned with a pack of 8 Doodles Jibbitz™ charms to really make them stand out! However, as is the nature with Web3, further utility will follow later in the year, with the arrival of the Doodles Croc Box NFT.

Doodles Partners with Crocs for a Clog-Filled Extravaganza

Crocs and Doodles to Add Further Excitement Later Down the Line

Unlike many similar collaborations, Doodles partnership with Crocs doesn’t start and end with the distribution of a physical item. Later in the year, buyers will have the chance to claim a mysterious Doodles Croc Box NFT. Once claimed, owners will be able to burn the NFTs in exchange for 2 bonus Doodles wearables, and a coveted Stoodio Beta Pass!

So, if a vibrant pair of oversized plastic footwear was on the shopping list, Doodles and Crocs have you covered!

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