A new family member joining the Solice metaverse today! Introducing xHashtag as one of our partners to bring xKiosks to the Solana ecosystem.

In the near future, landowners and land builders in the Solice metaverse will be able to purchase and place xKiosks on their land, allowing them to earn royalties from tasks completed by other users, earn by allowing ads to be played on these kiosks, or even have their tasks displayed on other xKiosks.

Utilizing the power of the xKiosks network spread across multiple lands on the Solice metaverse, projects can accelerate their on-chain and off-chain marketing efforts with ease, with minimal costs and high ROI.

We’re excited to partner up with xHashtag, embracing their idea of having a platform for a decentralized liquid workforce that is available to any entrepreneur on-demand without any commitments. This will grant more options and create more opportunities for individual professionals. “Uberizing all skillsets, including development, and is the go-to marketplace for getting any kind of work done.

Powering Solice lands through xKiosks

To accelerate the developments and stimulate community growth we are incorporating xKiosks made by xHashtag into the Solice metaverse.

On Solice Land, we’re introducing the first-of-its-kind Virtual Kiosks that we call xKiosks, which users can visit and perform certain on-chain or off-chain actions, for instance watching educational advertisements, and in return, get rewarded.

Landowners can also earn an additional stream of income on your Solice land with xKiosks.

Any landowner and builders on Solice can acquire these xKiosks as NFTs and have their tasks displayed as ads on any of the xKiosks on the network. Landowners installing these xKiosks on their land can earn on a profit-sharing basis whenever users complete tasks on these xKiosks. This helps them build an additional stream of income on their lands, without any additional effort from their end.



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