On the heels of tokens like $ENS, $RADAR, and the recent success of $SOS comes $GAS.  This token is allotted based on Ethereum Gas Fees spent.  the Gas DAO has a self proclaimed purpose:

 to be the heartbeat and voice of the Ethereum network’s active users through on and off-chain governance, launched as a decentralized autonomous organization with a free and fair initial distribution 100x bigger than the original DAO. The eligible wallets form a broad union between the most active users in Defi, DApps and NFTs, giving Gas DAO the potential to be one of the most diverse and impactful communities in the history of Web3

The governance token for the ΞGAS DAO, a super-DAO formed with the vision of being the heartbeat and voice of the largest community of Web3 native users on the Ethereum Network, bridging the worlds of Defi, NFTs and DApps.

Gas DAO Token Distribution

  • 55% airdropped to 634,429 eligible wallets according to the following formula rewarding network usage based on a snapshot ending at block 13880000 (December 26th, 2021):
    • Minimum of $1559 USD spent on transaction fees
    • Allocation is proportional to .1 * min(eth, 7.6) + .8 * min(usd, 105000) + .1 * min(tx count, 745)
  • 30% Reserved for the DAO Treasury available immediately
  • 15% Reserved for 25 Core Contributors with the following vesting schedule:
    • 80% Vesting linearly in a Timelock Contract over 6 months
    • 20% available immediately

How to claim your $GAS Airdrop:

Dont forget to use Revoke upon completion of claim:



More details coming soon



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