Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that are unique and cannot be replaced. They can represent anything from unique items like rare artworks, to very specific assets like golf club memberships. While these tokens can be traded in the market, they are not divisible or interchangeable like traditional cryptocurrencies.

A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization

They are designed to be completely transparent, inviting everyone with internet connection to take part in the process of decision making. A decentralized autonomous organization does not have any human or in-person leadership. The A DAO does not have any centralized decision-making process.

It’s revolutionary because it’s an innovative way to structure organizations with artificial intelligence in order to give everyone with internet connection the opportunity to take part in the process of decision making.

As far as the NFTs in the golf industry, they can represent anything from a specific type of golf course membership to an expensive driver.

LinksDAO is creating the modern golf & leisure club. A global community of thousands of enthusiasts has come together to create one of the world’s greatest golf clubs – and reimagine the country club.

The Basic Membership

Enjoy the perks of LinksDAO including…

  • The right to purchase a membership at the 1st physical club LinksDAO acquires

  • Governance rights via $LINKS token, launching in early 2022

  • Access and discounts on golf tee times, packages, leisure products, merch, and more

  • Access to members-only Discord channels, including guest appearances by golf, sports, business, and celebrity luminaries

  • Entry into the LinksDAO fantasy golf league

  • More to come!

Extended Membership

All the perks of a Leisure Membership plus…

  • 4x the governance rights via $LINKS token, launching in early 2022

  • The right to purchase two individual memberships or one family membership at the 1st physical club LinksDAO acquires

  • Access to official LinksDAO IRL events such as golf outings and trips (first planned event will be in early 2022 at a Major Championship-quality course)

  • Access to club reciprocity with other Global Members who opt-in to participating

  • More to come!



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