Marvel and Funko Ally to Laud Iron Man’s Heritage on VeVe

Marvel Comics and Funko are on the brink of powering Iron Man’s renowned 60-year comic book heritage through physical and tangible collectibles, jumpstarting on VeVe from October 18.

At the center of this venture are five magnificent 18-inch tangible versions of Iron Man. Limited to only 3,000 items with a price tag of $150, each definite purchase accompanies a matching digital counterpart. Already, the Funk Gold vinyl collectible is primed to be a beloved choice among fans, owing to being the rarest of its kind.

The primary motive behind these Iron Man figures is to boost fandom in various forms and secure ownership of IP through the power of blockchain technology, invoking excitement and loyalty and “breathing new life into the Iron Man character” — as quoted by VeVe’s co-founder, David Yu.

VeVe’s Influence on Prized Collectibles 

The collectibles landscape is evolving both digitally and physically thanks to VeVe, which boosts fandom by enabling fans to buy, trade, and hunt down keepsakes of their favorite characters — Cookie Monster, Star Trek characters, The Little Prince and more. 

Further enhancing the collecting experience is VeVe’s forthcoming virtual showroom, poised to launch on the same date as its Iron Man relics. The platform aims to empower collectors to unite, discuss, and even swap items with other fellow enthusiasts as they showcase their prized digital assets through AR features and share images of their goods. 

Thanks to VeVe, the future of collectibles goes above and beyond possessions and becomes more about innovation, shared experiences, and a rekindled appreciation for all-time favorite characters. 

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