ArtMis is a scientific illustrator that has dived into web3 to create their own unique art.  ArtMis is also the winner of a spaces contest we held with Hashlips to highlight some up and coming projects for the holidays.  This is our Q&A with Artmis about his new project.

What is the projects launch date? 

New Year’s Day 2022 to celebrate 200 years since Gregor Mendel, the Father of Genetics, was born. 

How did you come up with the ideas? 

When learning about NFTs I was captivated by the concept of rare traits and it reminded me of recessive versus dominant traits in genetics. In genetics teachings the most iconic lesson is Gregor Mendel’s pea plant experiment which first revealed the 3:1 dominant to recessive expression of genetic traits. I wanted to honor that experiment with NFTs in a traditional botanical illustration style that have the same dominant and recessive expression of Mendel’s original 7 traits. 

What Makes this project unique? 

This project is a nod to traditional botanical illustrations in the new digital age. The paintings were created in the Procreate app because of its ability to digitally convey traditional art styles. Each NFT is high resolution, print quality at 11 by 14 inches, and all NFT owners are encouraged to use their NFTs for whatever they desire. Commercial, derivative, and printing rights are all included in the metadata of Mendel’s Peas. 

How Big is the team and what are their roles? 

The team consists of just ArtMis, a scientific illustrator, following HashLips’ YouTube tutorials for the generative combination of the art, smart contract creation, and Dapp creation. 

What is the price? 

10 Matic, about $24 USD 

Why is that price fair? 

I priced each NFT to what I would price a limited print of an original painting at. Which is how I think of each NFT, a generative print of the original layered files. 

What is the Mint Size? 

It is a collection of 64, half of the 128 possible to allow for the the closest 3:1 ratio of each dominant to recessive trait as possible. 

Are there any mechanics we should know about? 

There are no mechanics of the NFTs, just the artwork with all the rights to them.

What are you working on next? 

In general I would like to use my training as a Certified Medical Illustrator to create unique science related NFTs. I am currently taking light microscope images of a large array of cellular structures and combining them with digital paintings to create randomly generated texture NFTs.

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