Hello Knights!

Another week of our Double Arena Reward month is over, and it’s great to give out more PLA to everyone!

Of course, we can’t rest, we need to see more PLA being given out! It’s an awesome feeling to see PLA getting out into real players’ hands!

An important note. Due to verification of previously announced Item Manager accounts, some payments are held. After investigation, we will pay out any adjusted PLA rewards. Onto the winners!

A great showing! With over 30 winners in the Minor Arena this time around. The top ten Players alone scooped 3,300n PLA between them, which at today’s market value is worth over $4,700 split between them!

All in all our Minor Arena Winners scooped PLA worth over $7,000 split between them! That’s some serious rewards for just playing and competing!

There’s more time left in this Month-long PLA give-away, so, get in on the action and get yourself playing Minor Arean PVP! It’s time for you to Get your hands on PLA, we’ve got to give it away to someone, so it should be you!

To the lucky ones who scooped PLA in Minor Arena, your hard-won PLA has been sent to your wallets! Congratulations to all the winners!

Now the main show!

Who took home the big money this week?

Our Major Arena Staking players took home over 39,000 PLA which at today’s price equates to over $56,000 won this week!

Major Arena saw over 300 players battle it out and get themselves some PLA! And with our re-worked rewards, players lower down the rankings managed to scoop themselves some awesome.

We’ve also taken steps to make playing more competitive, allowing you to target players above your rank to try to claw them down the ranks! Not only that but with weekly rests to accrued points value players start each week on a much more even keel! So, get out there and battle!

Didn’t win?

There’s always this current run of PVP which is even more rewarding! Due to our month-long event where you can win PLA for competing in Minor Arena.

With so much PLA up for grabs across both Arenas now is the right time to stock up and grab yourself SSR NFT to get in on the action!

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By: PlayDapp Editor_Ryan


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