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Matej Gregorčič

If you feel you’ve been seeing our name all over the news — you’re right, you have. We’re super happy to have kicked off the year not only with new team members (hi, everyone 👋) but also appearances in prominent media outlets such as CNN and The Independent.

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We spent the holiday season diligently crunching numbers and digging through heaps of info to deliver premium insights and predictions into what this year will hold for the music industry. And since we believe knowledge gets stronger when it’s shared, we took extra care to tell everyone about our findings.

Our »2022 State of Music« address has spread like wildfire. Since we covered pretty much everything from Spotify to radio and emerging talent to household names, the report holds something interesting for everyone.

Oh, and when we say “everyone”, we also mean Roger Taylor. Yes, THE Roger Taylor, the drummer for Queen, who was delighted to hear that Queen were the most played Rock act on radio in 2021. How cool is that?

👉 Check out the highlights and download your free copy of the report.

Things moved along in the product department as well. The beginning of 2022 saw the launch of the freshly revamped Label Pages and Label Charts.

Like always, Miha P. covers all the important points in his update:

Did we continue with our killer webinar series? You bet! Our panel sessions are becoming an industry regular, judging from the record attendance in January and how quickly word gets around.

If you haven’t yet checked them out, follow our social media for regular updates and grab a seat.

The January nugget of wisdom might sound like a random inspirational post a travelling influencer might share. But actually it emerged during our January webinar panel, in which Jay Gilbert and Terry Tompkins discussed the importance of selecting channels and markets according to data evidence. It … makes sense, right?

For us, the next step is clear: shaking up the industry with good examples and even better data. So far, 2022 is looking like a magical year.

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By: Matej Gregorcic


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