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Yesterday morning many of us became aware that cryptoartist BruceTheGoose had experienced a major loss after his wallet was hacked.

So please don’t send donations to any ETH address you have for him until he announces a new one!

screenshot of tweet

The loss was considerable:

screenshot of tweet

So WTF is BruceTheGoose and Why Should I Care?

Glad you asked. BruceTheGoose is an OG cryptoartist and by that I don’t just mean he’s been creating and promoting his own art since the early days. He’s done a heck of a lot to build the scene from which all cryptoartists can now benefit.

For example, as he states in his CryptoArtNet profile (where you can find many links to his online/cryptoart presence):

Recently, and without actually intending to, I founded what I believe is the world’s first blockchain-native LGBTQ+ initiative. Initially the intention was simply to have a Pride parade in the Metaverse while the world is shut down, but it was met with so much encouragement and appreciation that it would’ve felt like a disservice to everyone involved had we not made something more out of it.

We’re still solidifying things, and figuring out the best method of supporting / promoting queer creators in the NFT space, as well as aiming to bring more traditional artists into the Metaverse; but at present we have a gallery in CV and an NFT minting contract that are accessible to any LGBTQ+ creators that want to utilize them. More info can be found at the Nifty Pride website. We’re also formulating tokenomics and HODL’ing incentives for our native token, $FAB (Fabulous Funds).

Among other things, BruceTheGoose is also:

Someone who’s been supportive of a wide range of projects, people and initiatives including Untitled, the “first generalized NFT focused hackathon”. He also gave advice and information to many of the projects which resulted;

The first independent artist to create artwork for Wildcards, a cryptoart organization raising funds for conservation;

Possibly the first ordained minister offering Metaverse wedding ceremonies. While this was initially another way of supporting LGBTQ+ individuals in the space, his services are open to anyone unable to have a traditional wedding as the pandemic continues;

Currently building NFThub as a free resource for the larger NFT community.

Not surprisingly, his fellow cryptoartists responded strongly to his loss including Rogan X who is organizing a benefit cryptoart auction for Wednesday, December 16:

screengrab of tweet

Check the comments from the above tweet for responses from many of the 20 artists who have already pledged or donated pieces for the auction.

The response has been strong and we’re just getting started:

BruceTheGoose soon endorsed the effort and thanked all those giving their support:

screenshot of tweet

Information About the Benefit

Details are still being solidified but here’s what we know.

The benefit auction has been rescheduled for Sunday, December 20th, 2 pm Eastern Time and will take place at danil pan‘s Art Gallery Auction House on Telegram.

Rogan X pledges to continue the auction until BruceTheGoose’s losses are restored or Rogan X collapses!

If you’d like to donate art, please send it to roganx.eth:

After bids for art are accepted, there may be a delay in receipt. Rogan X will be waiting for low gwei to reduce TXN costs.

Contact Rogan X directly with questions about the auction.

Breaking News: Mintable is offering support:

screenshot of tweet

And KnownOrigin is also participating:

screenshot of tweet

More updates to follow. This is even bigger than an auction!

I’ll be donating art. Will you?


By: Flux Research


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