Ahoy and GM, weary traveler.

Traversing the vast expanse of the world’s largest NFT marketplace has become a bit daunting, hasn’t it?

Well fret not. I’ve been venturing far and wide with the simple goal of unearthing the most innovative and awe-inspiring NFT projects out there!

In this weekly column, I’ll share all sorts of discoveries with you — big, small, new and old. So all aboard the S.S. WAGMI to marvel at what I’ve found whilst Sailing the OpenSea


Grifters is the latest collection from top-tier creator XCOPY. Featuring 666 static NFTs, this collection is the first “official” PFP series from the crypto art legend.

The Grifters project was launched as part of Async Art’s new Blueprints collections with a limited whitelist for XCOPYs previous collectors and a raffle that saw around 18,000 entries. Considering XCOPY is one of the most coveted artists in the NFT community, the Grifters floor currently sits around 9 ETH.

SEEDS by Lucien Smith

SEEDS is an NFT project from prominent multidisciplinary artist Lucien Smith. Comprised of 10,000 NFTs, the collection was inspired by the seed packets found in local hardware stores.

Collecting a SEEDS NFT provides its owner entry into the exclusive Serving the People community — an online platform that has hosted a multitude of programs and exhibitions which have included thousands of artists from around the world. Considering the presale concluded only a few days ago on Dec. 15, with public sale date TBA, the only way to snag a SEEDS NFT is to purchase one via OpenSea at the current floor price of around 0.1 ETH.

Vortex by Jen Stark

Vortex, created by Jen Stark, is one of the latest projects released via the Art Blocks Curated platform. Featuring 1,000 NFTs, each piece within the collection is not only an aesthetic 3D sculpture, but also an interactive NFT.

Drawing upon the aesthetic of her signature paper sculptures, Stark’s new series of generative vortexes pays homage to “the intricate systems present in our daily lives.” With a floor currently sitting around 0.7 ETH, this may be one of the most affordable (and unique) Art Blocks collections out there.


CROAKZ is a PFP project inspired by Gremplin’s highly influential CrypToadz collection. Capped at 6,969 NFTs (a number that also pays homage to CrypToadz), the collection sold out quickly on Dec. 12.

Billed as a 3D counterpart to CrypToadz’ pixel-art amphibians, CROAKZ has received widespread support within the NFT community — including continuous endorsements from Gremplin himself. With the current resting around 0.1 ETH, CROAKZ is undoubtedly one of the most affordable, high-quality 3D PFP projects available.

Fierce Models

Fierce Models is the first NFT avatar collection based on real fashion models. A collection of 10,000, Fierce Models has yet to sell out and are still available to mint at FierceStudiosNFT.io, with only a few NFTs available via OpenSea secondaries.

Developed by Fierce Studios — a woman-led Blockchain media company helping traditional fashion & lifestyle brands leverage the digital realm — Fierce Models is a project based around philanthropy and empowerment. With a packed roadmap featuring collector rewards, IRL utility and a plan to donate a portion of sales to 1000 Dreams Fund to help provide scholarships to young females seeking to further their education, it’s no wonder the current OS floor is 1 ETH.

Nuclear Nerds of the Accidental Apocalypse

Nuclear Nerds is a new PFP project endeavoring to push the boundaries of NFT storytelling. At 8,999 NFTs strong, the debut NN collection sets in motion a narrative story world that “will be told through a series of future drops and unique mechanics.”

The lore surrounding Nuclear Nerds is set in the not-so-distant future, where an accidental nuclear strike launched by the United States from the North American Aerospace Defense Command (N.O.R.A.D.) makes the “Earth go boom-boom.” The current project floor currently sits at an affordable 0.05 ETH.

Ape Kids Club

It’s no secret that the Ape is the unrivaled mascot of the NFT space. And as the latest project to capitalize on the popping primate market, is Ape Kids Club — a collection of 9,999 NFTs.

Created by the owners of Bored Ape #4928 and #6268, Ape Kids club brings a community-building aspect front and center in its endeavors. Having received a wealth of support from the BAYC and greater NFT community prior to dropping, these adorable Ape NFTs sold out quickly and are now only available via secondaries for as low as 0.046 ETH.

By: Langston Thomas


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