Ever wanted to spec out a car with wood trim and custom leather?  Bucket seats and a big wing?  Then this NFT automotive project is for you!  NFT Garage is the creation of Richard, based in Austria, also known as MrY, whose love for the Nissan GT-R and passion for vlogging led him to produce a unique NFT project complete with collector participation, a Youtube channel, and unique perks combined with an irl car build! 


Made to include an entertaining Vlog, NFT Garage’s intention is to bring together a community of car enthusiasts to spec out a car together, with the audience/collector making all necessary decisions regarding how the car should look and what parts to install.  The intent is that this will be the first of, hopefully, many more seasons to come.  This first season starts with the Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R, a 1000HP beast of a car that even this author wouldn’t mind in her IRL garage!  


Who is Mr Y? 


Meet Richard, AKA MrY, an Austria-based artist, husband, and father of two very active elementary schoolers who have started to show interest in cars themselves.  An OG artist on Superrare, MrY spent many years creating content at an agency by day while curating a small Youtube lifestyle Vlog on the side.   MrY loves being on camera, so it was only natural to incorporate a Vlog into his NFT journey.  Passionate about cars, MrY has wanted to build a Nissan GTR for 6-7 years now, ever since he took a ride in one and was blown away by the 1200 HP engine!  But financially it just never made sense.  Enter NFTs, and suddenly the idea makes a lot of sense, and NFT Garage was born!


Involving the car enthusiast community in the build of the car became an important aspect of the project, bringing together enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.  The notion that folks could build a car together, but not just any car…  A 1000HP Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R!  Then filming the process while doing it in the form of an entertaining Vlog, and have the community vote on decisions about wheels, colours, wing vs. no wing, suspension, etc.  The final (physical) product will be an IRL Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R that a lucky holder will win at the end of Season 1!  


MrY has already hinted at a Season 2, and as a car enthusiast myself, I can’t wait to watch each episode.  And although you don’t have to participate in the NFT Project to watch the Vlog, how cool would it be to actually win the car at the end? 


Watch the First NFT Garage VLOG, an entertaining start to the NFT Garage Project, where MrY explains the project and gives us hints at some exciting aspects of this unique phygital car project. Season 1 of the NFT Garage Youtube Series will start airing after the NFT project drop.


When is the NFT release date, and how does the drop work?  


The Launch date of NFT Garage is set for some time in January.  Collectors will have the opportunity to mint car parts, and collectors will receive a randomized NFT, which could be one of four different car parts:  

There are 10,000 NFT’s with 2500 randomized Wheels, 2500 Seats, 2500 Body types, and 2500 Suspensions.  


Collectors who hold each of the four different car part categories will then be able to burn those parts and produce a full custom NFT Garage car, which is a gorgeous 3D-rendered NFT, an example of which is pictured below:   



Holders of all four car part categories will be able to burn their parts and produce a sublime 3D render of their personalized car.  


Collectors of each  NFT Garage car part can vote on each feature for the IRL build during the Youtube Series. So, for example, wheel collectors will get to choose which wheels MrY will have placed on the car, and seat holders will vote on which seats, etc.    


To make the Vlog even more entertaining, MrY may even try his hand at installing some of the parts himself, with a professional car builder there every step of the way, of course.  The Youtube series will have a bit of everything, but above all, it is sure to be entertaining.  Picture Top Gear, with as much humour as possible, while also bringing a human aspect to the series and integrating NFTs!  Entertainment, cars, and NFTs; what better combo is there?


To mark the start of NFT Garage, MrY has a beautiful 1 of 1 artwork on display on SuperRare featuring a 3D rendering of a Nissan GT-R complete with unlockable content.  It’s a must-have piece for anyone passionate about the Nissan GT-R,  and as a bonus, it comes with the option to place your logo or brand/PFP on a spot on the door panels of the car IRL.  Just think, your ad or name could be on prominent display on the finished NFT Garage Nissan that tours the country attending different car shows until finally landing in the hands of one lucky NFT Garage collector. 


To stay up to date with NFT Garage, stay tuned via the NFT Garage on Twitter, and feel free to join the NFT Garage discord.   The NFT Garage Vlog has already started, and it’s quite entertaining.  If you love cars as much as I do, this is an NFT project to watch!


Happy Driving!

SuperRare piece titled THE GARAGE, giving special perks to NFT Garage Holders!  https://superrare.com/artwork-v2/the-garage-30267


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By: Astrid Pilla


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