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Warner Bros & Nifty’s Partnership

In a recent article we returned to look at the possibilities offered by NFTs for the Film industry. With a view to finding ways to connect with audiences that are increasingly innovative, Warner Bros. has partnered with NFT Nifty’s

This is not the first partnership between Nifty’s and Warner, indeed, several NFT drops from the Space Jam movie have already taken place on the platform this year in the form of collectible trading cards making it possible to trade your favorite Space Jam characters.

A second experiment seeks to take the experience even further, especially with Matrix Resurrections. The film hits theaters on December 22nd 2021 but the story in Web3 will begin on November 30th.

We will find out in this article what awaits you, but the partnerships this year between the big film production studios and the NFT marketplaces augur many surprises for next year!

The Nifty’s Marketplace and the Palm Sidechain

niftys and palm

The Nifty’s platform offers a smooth NFT shopping experience as the marketplace uses the Palm sidechain. There are two ways to buy NFTs on the Nifty’s marketplace: 

  • Thanks to your credit card, you will be able to buy the basic avatars directly.
  • To use a bridge to make a crypto (in $DAI, $WETH or $PRT) deposit to your Palm account. 

Take note that when depositing cryptos, it will take a few hours before you can see them appear on your Palm account.

Also, NFTs purchased on Palm use the ERC-721 standard and can be withdrawn to Ethereum. That said, it is still important to note that it will only be possible to withdraw its NFTs on Ethereum when the Palm sidechain enables it.

A 100,000 Matrix PFP Collection

Matrix niftys PFP base

Now that the preparations are done, let’s take a closer look at what this NFT avatar drop is. 

This avatar, as you can imagine, is full of surprises! This is a Profile Picture (PFP) collection and one of the first unusual aspects of it is the supply. No less than 100,000 NFTs will be available at $50 each, making it the largest PFP collection created so far

Also, it is important to know that there will be a purchase limit of 25 avatars per account and perd day, the goal being that a maximum of people can participate in the event.

The first stage of this sale will take place on November 30th and it will be possible to acquire 1 or more “base” avatars of the franchise. These avatars will be randomly distributed among participants and will have several different characteristics: jewelry, clothing, shoes, hair color, and accessories..

So many NFTs have been planned, on one hand this is because it’s the first time a mainstream IP such as the Matrix has created a PFP collection but also because these avatars will evolve..

The Matrix NFTs future use cases

Matrix niftys PFP awake

Then, two weeks later, on December 16th, you will be offered a choice. A choice between two pills, a blue and a red one. You know the story: if you choose the blue pill, your avatar will remain in the matrix. If you choose the red one, your avatar will turn into a resistance fighter and therefore change aesthetics.

“But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.”

Your base avatar will become an avatar awakened or not in the matrix. In both cases, missions will be proposed to continue to evolve your character. These missions will aim to improve your score on a red or blue leaderboard, allowing you to gimper in the ranking and then earn rarer NFTs.



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