Adult Fantasy NFT is the world’s premier crowdsourced, community built, superhero universe supported by a technological breakthrough NFT Grading System.

We are about to launch the Season #1 Adult Fantasy NFT collection including 10,000 one-of-a-kind NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain featuring 25 hand-drawn, non-generative characters housed in a protective digital case (slab) containing first-of-its-kind grading attributes.

How did you come up with the ideas?
Our team leader, Todd Wahnish, is a multi-award winning entrepreneur and product specialist. Todd is a 25+ year veteran of the animation and comic industries. He has helped create original I.P. for companies including Marvel Entertainment, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Warner Bros. and KidRobot and has worked directly with creative legends Stan Lee and Jeff Koons (the most successful American artist since Andy Warhol).

Early on in this project, we began exploring many possible directions for NFT development and together as a team came up with the idea of creating a comic universe in a more traditional style where the generative aspect of the individual NFTs would be a play on real world graded cards and comics.

What Makes this project unique?
Each Adult Fantasy NFT has its own randomized evolution timeline and uniquely secret end grade. Each graded Adult Fantasy NFT will continue to evolve regardless of the ups-and-downs of the market until reaching its final end grade state. This provides a first-of-its-kind opportunity for a market agnostic NFT asset…

…But, we have added a playful twist to the old real-world model.

Each Adult Fantasy NFT will reverse in time evolving from older to newer… moving from worn towards mint condition.

We are building out a comic universe with full character backstories existing in a fully elaborated universe.

How Big is the team and what are their roles?

We have 6 core members in our team.


What is the price?
The price will be 0.05 ETH per AF NFT

Why is that price fair?
We have been in constant dialogue with our community about creating value and future planning. The community has been engaged in the price setting and are completely on board with our decision to mint at what is generally recognized standard mint pricing.

What is the Mint Size?

Are there any mechanics we should know about?
As mentioned above, we have created a first-of-its-kind grading technology for NFT’s. The workings of this technology are detailed in our Whitepaper.

This technology will allow us to partner with other NFT projects and reward our Adult Fantasy community based on these collaborations.

Basically, we see the opportunity as:

1. For generative projects: larger projects are no longer limited to simple rarity traits and/or token ID/serial number as the only value layer. Rarity can now be determined by a number of factors including autograph, condition, or special trait effects like holofoil, chromium, etc. The next BAYC can still have a rare gold-fur-laser-eyes, but now there can be multiple editions of that NFT each with different trait conditions.

2. For 1/1’s: 1/1 artists can now create large editions and compete with the generative projects without having to dilute the value of their work. One piece can potentially have thousands of variation opportunities, allowing a solo creator to truly make a living off of their work.

3. For holders of legendary NFT’s: For those looking to expand their influence, original, derivative works can utilize our tech to create their own projects and collector sets. The key here is “derivative” as we would never encourage anyone to break the TOS of another project.

In all of the above use cases, perpetual royalties for the creator can occur via the smart contract.

AF holders will reap the rewards of these future partnerships as we plan on funding the faction vaults with partnership tokens that use our case & grading technology.

One more thing…

The case included in the AF NFT is fully engineered. Meaning that at any point we can move into manufacturing and production of IRL slabs.

AF is both the launch of an IP franchise AND groundbreaking NFT tech aimed at forming a new collectibility layer on top of the NFT market.

Links to discord, social, etc.
Discord: https://discord.gg/WYcPc5CNHB
Website:  https://www.adultfantasy.io/
Social: https://twitter.com/AdultFantasyNFT
Whitepaper: https://adult-fantasy.gitbook.io/adult-fantasy-nft-whitepaper/
Medium Blog: https://adultfantasy.medium.com/



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