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Cointelegraph by Daniel Ramirez-Escudero
Market observers are conflicted over what could happen following SEC approval of a spot Ether ETF. cointelegraph.com
Does code as freedom of speech mean that developers aren’t responsible for how their creations are used? cointelegraph.com
The U.S. Congress bipartisan vote has overwhelmingly demonstrated its rejection of the SEC’s SAB 121. President Biden threatened to veto the overruling. Will the executive branch overthrow Congress’s decision? cointelegraph.com
DeFi’s exemption from MiCA regulation may fade as an update targets protocols with centralized components. The sector could split between hybrid and DeFi models. cointelegraph.com
Tether’s USDT hegemony in the stablecoin market may shift as institutional investors chip into the crypto market. cointelegraph.com
Binance has exchanged a diversified $1 billion crypto portfolio in SAFU funds into USD Coin. cointelegraph.com
Quantum computing is the next most significant disruptive technological leap and its rapid evolution and funding will soon make it a reality. cointelegraph.com
Pension funds are in a perpetual crisis worldwide, with low demographic rates in many countries foreshadowing a dim future for such investments, combined with young people’s lack of faith in the continued existence of social security models.In order to stay afloat, many pension funds have strived to remain apprised...