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The collection will launch on 29 May with fixed pricing across most items. cointelegraph.com
Kai-Fu Lee predicted the modern AI zeitgeist back when OpenAI was a non-profit building chatbots. cointelegraph.com
Musk recently said he expected xAI to catch up to OpenAI and DeepMind Google by the end of 2024. cointelegraph.com
Elon Musk recently said AI would surpass humans by 2025 but Google’s models are so inaccurate they’re being tuned by hand. cointelegraph.com
Despite having fathered at least 10 children, Musk also seems to think humans will struggle to find meaning in their lives without employment. cointelegraph.com
While the assessment remains ongoing, OpenAI appears to have made little in the way of progress since 2023. cointelegraph.com
While nothing is assured in politics, the Labour Party has a commanding lead in the polls just six weeks away from the general election. cointelegraph.com
Mathematician Massimiliano Sala says current encryption methods won’t protect blockchain systems from quantum computers. cointelegraph.com
The company’s head of alignment, Jan Leike, resigned on May 17, stating they’d reached a “breaking point” with management. cointelegraph.com
The Redmond company could be fined as much as 1% of its annual revenue if it doesn’t respond by May 27. cointelegraph.com