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Cointelegraph By Gareth Jenkinson

Cointelegraph By Gareth Jenkinson
Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin expects several 19b-4 Ether ETF applications to get the green light but anticipates a long wait before they go public. cointelegraph.com
Blockchain games built on TON are onboarding millions to Web3 on Telegram, with idle games like Notcoin leading the charge. cointelegraph.com
The success of Bitcoin ETFs and the influence of the Bitcoin halving is having a significant impact on cryptocurrency markets. cointelegraph.com
Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin says the SEC is engaging in strategic enforcement action instead of engaging in meaningful discourse with the cryptocurrency industry. cointelegraph.com
J. Christian Giancarlo has stressed the importance of upholding values of liberty, privacy and economic freedom in a keynote address in London. cointelegraph.com
Binance CEO Richard Teng says the Nigerian government has set a dangerous precedent after inviting company executives to meetings before detaining them. cointelegraph.com
The Tiger Trade app allows professional traders access to 18 different cryptocurrencies alongside stocks, futures, U.S. Treasury bonds and Bitcoin ETFs. cointelegraph.com
The impending closure of zkSNACKs’ CoinJoin service has been described as a setback for Bitcoin developers and privacy proponents. cointelegraph.com
The Bitcoin halving is widely expected to have a positive impact on the price of the preeminent cryptocurrency, but analysts expect volatile price consolidation in the short term. cointelegraph.com
Institutional staking platform Figment will become Dutch exchange Bitvavo’s new staking infrastructure provider. cointelegraph.com