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Diving into the Aggregate Layer with Brendan Farmer to determine the implications it will have upon latency, liquidity fragmentation, and more. cointelegraph.com
Kabosu, the Shiba Inu who became an internet sensation and the face of Dogecoin, passed away peacefully. The crypto community honors her legacy. cointelegraph.com
StarkWare’s ZKThreads introduces a new scaling framework to prevent fund lockups and improve DApp scalability, potentially averting scenarios like the FTX disaster. cointelegraph.com
Vitalik Buterin advocates for zero-knowledge “Likes” on social media in pursuit of combatting preference falsification. cointelegraph.com
Galaxy Research’s Alex Thorn raises concerns about the SEC potentially classifying staked ETH as a security amid Ethereum ETF approval speculation. cointelegraph.com
XLink partners with Kaamel Technology to investigate the initial cause of the breach while accelerating previously communicated security upgrades cointelegraph.com
Ethereum’s Dankrad Feist and Helius Labs CEO Mert Mumtaz clash on X over the importance of decentralization, revealing differing views on the crypto market’s priorities. cointelegraph.com
Creators of NotWifGary aim to "stand ground against Gary Gensler and the SEC" in support of Ethereum and open-source developers. cointelegraph.com
Previously only available on the Ethereum blockchain, the DEX will now operate on both Shibarium and Ethereum. cointelegraph.com
The transfer of the bankruptcy claim from FTX EU Ltd. to FTXCREDITOR, LLC, could have significant impact on stakeholders. cointelegraph.com