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Cointelegraph By Jesse Coghlan
One crypto lawyer thinks a Donald Trump election win would revert some SEC crypto lawsuits, but others note he hasn’t always kept campaign promises. cointelegraph.com
A multi-million bet on “Ethereum ETF approved by May 31” resolved to a “Yes” on Polymarket as news from the SEC broke, but the losing side argues it's not over yet. cointelegraph.com
VanEck launched a new ad centered around Ethereum, just 30 minutes after the SEC greenlit 19b-4 proposals for spot Ether ETFs. cointelegraph.com
The crypto-regulating bill is headed to a cloudy future in the Senate with no companion bill and faces one of the country’s most prominent crypto critics. cointelegraph.com
A leaked email shows Democratic Party leaders “strongly oppose” two Republican-led crypto bills, but will not force House members to vote no on them. cointelegraph.com
The FBI claimed it found Incognito Market’s alleged owner, Rui-Siang Lin, by tracking crypto from the dark web drug market to a crypto exchange account allegedly in his name. cointelegraph.com
Ethereum researcher Justin Drake said his EigenLayer role is worth “millions of dollars” and some think it could shake up incentives for those working on the blockchain. cointelegraph.com
The ex-employee alleged of exploiting pump.fun for $1.9 million claims he was arrested and charged in Britain and is now on bail. cointelegraph.com
Illya Sutskever said he’s leaving OpenAI for a “personally meaningful” project, and research director Jakub Pachocki is now taking over the role. cointelegraph.com
The contributor, “hoak,” said their actions were due to a “crippling gambling addiction” and “psychological factors that went by unchecked.” cointelegraph.com