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Cointelegraph By Derek Andersen

Cointelegraph By Derek Andersen
Executive director Aya Miyaguchi said the foundation’s neutrality can’t depend on culture and individual judgment after researchers take multimillion-dollar roles at EigenLayer. cointelegraph.com
The SEC is evading the real issue, and the court was wrong to take its side, Coinbase claims in a defense of its interlocutory appeal. cointelegraph.com
The potential misuse of the CBDC technology trumped arguments about innovation or even good legal drafting. cointelegraph.com
Blockchain-based Casper Labs will integrate with “wastonx.governance” to provide enhanced security, access and versioning. cointelegraph.com
The Deploying American Blockchains Act of 2023 gives the Commerce Department a role in advancing blockchain technology. cointelegraph.com
Project DESFT is meant to encourage trade between small businesses using a CBDC and a stablecoin, with an emphasis on credentialing. cointelegraph.com
Better regulations, greater enforcement and AI are going to be the focus of the Treasury’s fight against illicit finance. cointelegraph.com
Pleterski and an associate were arrested months after multiple investor complaints and months of police investigation. cointelegraph.com
The Open Network users will be able to use Oobit’s Tap & Pay technology to pay merchants in fiat while spending USDT. cointelegraph.com
Mastercard’s Multi-Token Network enabled an atomic swap of a tokenized carbon credit for cash in a bank account. cointelegraph.com