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England's High Court of Justice delivered a heavy blow to Wright with a judgment that said he "lied to the court extensively and repeatedly." cointelegraph.com
As of May, AntPool and Foundry USA controlled more than 50% of Bitcoin's hash rate. That could become a problem for Bitcoin users in the near future. cointelegraph.com
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is at it again. With mainstream press outlets including Germany’s Deutsche Welle running sensationalist headlines — “How cryptocurrency fueled Hamas’ terrorist attack” — Warren is using Hamas’ attack on Israel to fuel her own war on cryptocurrency.Crypto’s role in the conflict came into focus...
It would be ideal for the industry for Congress to weigh in on its fate rather than leaving it to unelected regulators at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). To that end, representatives from both sides of the aisle have introduced bills designed to offer “regulatory clarity.” The...