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Cointelegraph By Arijit Sarkar

Cointelegraph By Arijit Sarkar
Decentralized AI networks, enhancement of smart contracts and emerging DeFi protocols are some of the upcoming trends in blockchain, according to EUBOF. cointelegraph.com
Gate.HK plans a major overhaul to comply with regulations and aims to relaunch services after obtaining the necessary licenses. cointelegraph.com
Justice Neil Gorsuch emphasized that arbitration is a matter of contract and parties can agree to have an arbitrator resolve threshold arbitrability questions. cointelegraph.com
A UN report reveals North Korean hackers laundered $150 million in stolen crypto assets through Tornado Cash in March 2024. cointelegraph.com
The Poloniex hacker moved over 17,800 Ether (ETH) from six different wallets into a single Tornado Cash address. cointelegraph.com
The test aims to evaluate PHPC's real-world performance, its impact on the local fiat ecosystem, and its potential uses including payments, trading, and DeFi applications. cointelegraph.com
Grayscale's Bitcoin ETF saw substantial investment outflows that surpassed the $66.9 million it had attracted just a few days earlier. cointelegraph.com
The unusual messages, including a Morse code video and gothic-font tweets, left the crypto community puzzled. Near Protocol has not yet commented on the incident. cointelegraph.com
Stolen crypto from a $71 million wallet impersonation scam is on the move after six days of dormancy. cointelegraph.com
Curve Finance awarded cybersecurity researcher Marco Croc with its maximum bug bounty award of $250,000 after thoroughly investigating the security flaw. cointelegraph.com