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Cointelegraph By Ezra Reguerra
Those caught mining crypto on farms face fines of up to 10,000 dirhams, or about $2,722. cointelegraph.com
A Rabbit spokesperson claimed that the Gama team was forthright with the open sourcing of the project and that the allegation was false. cointelegraph.com
HKMA deputy chief executive Arthur Yuen said that enhancing employees' skills would allow them to “coexist with technology in the AI era.” cointelegraph.com
Coffeezilla said that the artificial intelligence product Rabbit R1 was overhyped, similar to the Gama NFT project, which he believes to be a “scam.” cointelegraph.com
A community member said that Yuga Labs killed CryptoPunks with the new Super Punk World collection, while another threatened to sell their punk NFT. cointelegraph.com
Mint Town CEO Hiroshi Kunimitsu said integrating into the Oasys blockchain lets fans experience the story in a new way. cointelegraph.com
Some crypto community members argued against the petition, while others supported ENS’ move against Unstoppable Domains. cointelegraph.com
Sui, Pyth Network, Avalanche, Arbitrum and Aptos are set to release vested crypto tokens in May, according to data tracker Token Unlocks. cointelegraph.com
The hacker holds about $4.3 million in various crypto assets in their Ethereum wallet. cointelegraph.com
Pike highlighted that the exploit occurred due to their team’s inadequate integration of third-party technologies such as the CCTP or Gelato Network’s automation services. cointelegraph.com