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Cointelegraph By Ana Paula Pereira

Cointelegraph By Ana Paula Pereira
This week’s Crypto Biz explores Kraken’s stablecoin plans in Europe, the departure of Grayscale’s CEO, Prometheum’s Ether custody service that treats ETH as a security, and more. cointelegraph.com
With DePIN activity surging, Solana targets Firedancer upgrade to enhance network performance and accommodate growth. cointelegraph.com
Reports suggest that MetaMask is preparing to support native Bitcoin transactions. The company has not provided a timeline or confirmed the plans. cointelegraph.com
Stripchain’s funding round included investors such as Sora Ventures, Hyperithm, Shima Capital, Mechanism and several crypto angel backers. cointelegraph.com
With new regulations in Europe set to enforce strict limits on transactions and reserve requirements, Kraken is assessing its stablecoin listings. cointelegraph.com
This week’s Crypto Biz features Galaxy Digital and CoinShares earning results, Franklin Templeton’s CEO betting on blockchain, Polymarket’s funding raise, and a leadership transition at dYdX. cointelegraph.com
Funding for crypto startups rose to over $1 billion in April, with investors focusing on tokenization, Web3 infrastructure, and institutional demand amid the bull market. cointelegraph.com
Galaxy Digital’s net income climbed 40% in the first quarter of 2024, buoyed by record-breaking revenue from mining operations and management fees. cointelegraph.com
Traditional firms like JPMorgan and WisdomTree are seeking to turn Project Guardian’s blockchain proofs-of-concept into scalable financial products. cointelegraph.com
This week’s Crypto Biz features Robinhood’s Wells notice, Grayscale’s Ether ETF application, Coincheck’s merger deal and Block’s billionaire debt offering. cointelegraph.com