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Cointelegraph By Martin Young
Growing altcoin market cap and a decline in Bitcoin dominance have spurred renewed hopes for altseason. cointelegraph.com
ETH has come within $70 of the psychological $4,000 price level during early trading on May 27. cointelegraph.com
Steven Kramer allegedly used deep fake tech to generate and send thousands of robocalls to New Hampshire residents imitating President Biden’s voice in January. cointelegraph.com
The semiconductor giant plans to accelerate its AI chip production cycle following a bumper revenue report driven by AI data centers. cointelegraph.com
BlackRock's IBIT recorded $290 million in inflow on Tuesday, more than the fund has seen in the past 21 trading days combined. cointelegraph.com
The former House Speaker is reportedly considering support for the Republican crypto legislation, breaking from ranking Democrats. cointelegraph.com
For the first time in history, the price of one Bitcoin exceeded 11 million yen in Japan, while prices also peaked in terms of the Argentinean and the Philippines peso. cointelegraph.com
Martin Gruenberg has faced criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike after an independent investigation revealed a range of workplace issues at the FDIC. cointelegraph.com
The paper, released in 2014, lays the foundations for blockchain privacy and scaling. cointelegraph.com
Eclipse’s chief growth officer Vijay Chetty was named CEO “effectively immediately” with the firm announcing that Neel Somani was departing. cointelegraph.com