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Cointelegraph by Christopher Roark
One wallet has upgrade permissions for 12 Ethereum scaling networks, but Conduit founder Andrew Huang says it can’t transact without three signatures which would take a trio of physical attacks. cointelegraph.com
The team behind the Bitcoin layer-2 developer has successfully frozen some exploited crypto after the attacker tried to cash out by sending funds to exchanges. cointelegraph.com
A flaw in the bridge could have allowed an attacker to produce fake token transfers, but it was discovered and patched before anyone could take advantage of it. cointelegraph.com
Several wallets reportedly belonging to Rain sent suspicious token transfers to a new address. cointelegraph.com
Eigenlayer launched a claims process for its highly anticipated EIGEN token, but it won’t be transferable to others until further features are added. cointelegraph.com
Blockchain data shows that nearly 23,000 ETH was transferred into the victim’s account after negotiations opened on May 10. cointelegraph.com
An attacker could have placed a limit buy order with an arbitrarily high open price to automatically win every trade, the Zellic security platform discovered. cointelegraph.com
The attacker was able to view team members’ private Discord messages, allowing them to gain access to the team’s wallet address and mint 100 million fake tokens. cointelegraph.com
Mango DAO distributed treasury funds to token holders through a buyback program, but critics claim it was done to benefit an FTX estate buyer. cointelegraph.com
Losses from hacks and scams reached their lowest level since 2022 when CertiK first started recording the data, with flash loan attacks and private key hacks decreasing. cointelegraph.com