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Cointelegraph by Nancy Lubale

Cointelegraph by Nancy Lubale
LINK’s double-digit rally is backed by increasing network activity and a bullish technical setup.
Key Ethereum price metrics suggest that ETH’s pause at $3,800 is temporary.
Bitcoin technical and on-chain data point to a much “bigger move” for BTC now that key price metrics have “reset.”
Analysts believe Bitcoin price is en route to new highs now that the recent consolidation phase has come to an end.
Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan says this week's 13F filings prove that the spot Bitcoin ETFs were a “huge success.”
Analysts say Bitcoin price could range trade for up to 5 months, but longer-term technical and on-chain data continues to point to a 6-figure BTC price target.
Inflows to crypto investment funds top $130 million, and 13F filings reveal new institutional investors’ spot BTC ETF positions.
Memecoins rally, and PEPE hits a new all-time high shortly after GameStop stock trader Keith Gill posts to his Roaring Kitty X account for the first time in 3 years.
Historical Bitcoin performance data and investors' expectation that the Fed will “pump our bags” have traders anticipating a strong BTC price rebound.
Bitcoin price drops more than 2% in an hour, leading to $127 million in long liquidations.