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Cointelegraph by Zoltan Vardai

Cointelegraph by Zoltan Vardai
The unfortunate trader suffered a loss of over 99% on his initial $1.16 million investment following a smart contract exploit. cointelegraph.com
Despite an eight-year headstart, xAI’s Grok could become a chatGPT competitor by the end of 2024, according to Musk. cointelegraph.com
AGI could potentially solve some of humanity’s most pressing concerns down the line, according to Baidu’s co-founder. cointelegraph.com
While the ETF approval process could be delayed until 2025, it could be Ether's most significant price catalyst. cointelegraph.com
The transfer occurred after Ether's price rose over 20% during the past day, boosted by a potential U-turn by the United States SEC. cointelegraph.com
Fidelity’s amended filing follows a U-turn from the SEC, as the regulator asked Ether ETF issuer to update their 19b-4 filings. cointelegraph.com
The CEO will be replaced by Goldman Sachs executive Peter Mintzberg effective Aug. 15. cointelegraph.com
Bitcoin’s goal of creating a decentralized financial system may be challenged by ETFs “dragging money back into the TradFi world,” according to the macro researcher. cointelegraph.com
The trader made an over 993x gain on their initial investment, spurring insider trading allegations. cointelegraph.com
Bitcoin flipped its old resistance into support as Tether’s market cap continues to grow rapidly in 2024. cointelegraph.com