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Cointelegraph By Brayden Lindrea

Cointelegraph By Brayden Lindrea
The price of NORMIE sunk 99% after a smart contract exploit, temporarily gutting its market cap from nearly $42 million to $200,000 in less than three hours. cointelegraph.com
The social media accounts of famous traders, rappers and even Caitlyn Jenner are shilling tokens in what many believe is part of an orchestrated string of hacks. cointelegraph.com
The launch date will largely depend on how quickly approved applicants amend their S-1 registration statements and how many rounds of feedback they receive from the SEC. cointelegraph.com
That doesn't mean the securities regulator can't still pursue action against actors in the staking domain, industry analysts and lawyers warn. cointelegraph.com
CNBC contributor and crypto investor Brian Kelly said Solana is one of the “big three” coins, meaning it’s likely to be the next to receive ETF treatment. cointelegraph.com
Trading in Metaplanet’s stock was halted for two straight days under Tokyo Stock Exchange rules as its shares rocketed over the last week. cointelegraph.com
Five U.S. asset managers bidding for an Ether ETF have amended their 19b-4 filings with the SEC. cointelegraph.com
Many industry pundits speculate the SEC’s sudden change of pace on spot Ether ETFs could be a result of increased political pressure. cointelegraph.com
The digital assets platform soft-launched its controversial Ethereum custody service on May 17 and is targeting a full launch next month. cointelegraph.com
If a 19b-4 spot Ether ETF filing be approved, analysts anticipate the SEC won’t immediately sign off on the S-1, which is required for the products to launch. cointelegraph.com