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Cointelegraph By Amaka Nwaokocha

Cointelegraph By Amaka Nwaokocha
During the first quarter, the foundation committed $4.34 million in new grants and disbursed $2.79 million in previously committed grants. cointelegraph.com
The recent surge in transactional activity on Aptos is attributed to the launch of Tapos Cat, a new tap-to-earn game that has gained rapid popularity. cointelegraph.com
Due to legal constraints, UK-based users still have restricted access to the Bitcoin white paper on the Bitcoin.org website. cointelegraph.com
Unlike their U.S. counterparts, Korea’s FSC and FSS have been cautious about allowing crypto trading on traditional securities markets. cointelegraph.com
The CatCoin team urged BitForex to respond to their grievances via a designated email address, marking a last-ditch effort before potentially escalating the matter further. cointelegraph.com
Prosecution counsel Moses Idehu requested a brief stand-down of the case, seeking to temporarily adjourn the matter later to resolve the issue. cointelegraph.com
Inuwa said the committee’s strategic reconstitution would bring together a fresh wave of experienced professionals and leading minds in blockchain. cointelegraph.com
The PCPD ruled that Worldcoin’s retention of sensitive biometric data, including face and iris images, for up to 10 years solely for AI model training was unjustified. cointelegraph.com
This move follows a recent crackdown that involved confiscating 2,000 cryptocurrency mining devices as part of an anti-corruption initiative. cointelegraph.com
Initially, the team identified over 2 million addresses as potential Sybils but later refined their criteria to minimize false identifications, resulting in a more precise classification. cointelegraph.com