After a string of rapid interest rate increases throughout 2022, the Federal Reserve Board has implemented its smallest rate rise since March at a quarter of a percentage point. This decision for moderation was welcomed by markets, causing stocks and crypto markets to move up. With this backdrop, what are the best cryptos to buy today?

CNBC reported that the 10-year Treasury yield has plummeted from 3.9% at the end of 2022 to 3.5% at the moment. This realization has injected liquidity into the crypto market, and consequently, Bitcoin traded over the $24,000 mark today for the first time in 24 weeks, with most other altcoins following and also trading in the green.

In light of these positive developments in the financial markets, technical and fundamental analysis suggests that MEMAG, OP, FGHT, SNX, and CCHG are among the best cryptos to buy today.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) Brings Community, Fun, and Ownership to Mobile Games

Mobile gamers are about to experience something unique as the Meta Masters Guild prepares for its Web3 Gaming guild launch. This gaming network will provide a platform to connect players from multiple mobile games and create an economy centered around one metaverse community using the MEMAG cryptocurrency.

MMG’s goal is to construct a gaming community that uses the latest Web3 technology and games developed for gamers rather than profits. By incentivizing players with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) as well as crypto rewards, the company believes this will encourage interaction, commerce, and collaboration between members of the decentralized network.

Players will be handsomely rewarded with MEMAG cryptocurrency for your contributions and talents in the game ecosystem. Additionally, they will have the power to influence certain aspects of the gaming world.

The transparent economy system will also grant gamers an ability to convert Gem rewards earned within games or NFT-based items into real money or NFTs that can be used in MMG’s titles.

To kick-start the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem, MMG is creating an exciting new racing game called Meta Kart Racers that players can enjoy on any mobile device. Additionally, multiple other captivating Web3 games are being developed by their partners and scheduled for launch in the near future.

The MEMAG token presale has proven to be a major success, with traders already investing an impressive $2.59 million and giving the platform excellent prospects for its launch.

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Optimism (OP)

The Optimism (OP) token has seen a price surge of 40% in the past day as the Optimism Foundation recently proposed its “Bedrock” upgrade to the Ethereum layer 2 scaling system.

The upgrade offers increased modularity, simplicity, and performance and has driven the value of OP to reach a new record high of $3.02 currently. The community will vote on the proposal in two weeks, with implementation set for March 15.

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has also announced the integration of its stablecoin BUSD on the Optimism network, potentially increasing investor interest in the platform.

The Optimism token has outperformed Bitcoin and ether by a large margin, gaining over 200% since the beginning of 2023, compared to the 43.22% and 39.54% gains of bitcoin and ether respectively. Additionally, Optimism has surpassed its closest rival Arbitrum in terms of user adoption and total value locked.

The previous high of $2.56 could act as potential support for the cryptocurrency if the price retraces from here. If the psychological resistance of $3 can be broken, OP’s price could go even higher in the near term.

Fight Out (FGHT) a Fit for the Fitness Masses

Fight Out is tackling the problems related to unhealthy living with their state-of-the-art fitness app and upcoming gym locations. The Web3 based platform will give users custom workout plans, encourage a community of support amongst members, and allow them to have fun while staying active and earning rewards.

The M2E app is the perfect companion for fitness and health seekers who are determined to achieve their goals. To inspire them even further, the app will reward users with REPS tokens as so users can not only keep up with healthy habits but make money from it too.

Fight Out is looking to change the gym experience for the better with its high tech, community-oriented platform that features interactive elements such as user profile displays on “mirrors” and sensors for personalized fitness instructions.

Fight Out has recruited Amanda Ribas of UFC fame and Savannah Marshall, former WBO middleweight champion to act as their brand ambassadors, among others. Through these influential figures within the industry, patrons will gain exclusive content on the platform in addition to master classes taught by them personally.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join Fight Out’s presale event and gain a bonus of up to 50% when investing more than $50K. Already, the presale has raised over $3.8 million, and prices will soon raise in the next presale stage.

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Synthetix (SNX)

Synthetix Network Token (SNX) has recently seen a significant increase in price, closing the previous daily candle with a 15.77% increase and currently up almost 20% in the past 24 hours.

SNX’s technical outlook looks hopeful, with the crypto likely to experience a further uptrend. Its price is presently trading close to crucial resistance levels and on the brink of a breakout. Additionally, its upward-facing exponential moving averages as well as an impending bullish MACD crossover are all indicative of potential gains.

The immediate resistance for SNX is the resistance range of $2.723 to $2.797 which was retested yesterday as well as earlier in today’s session. If SNX successfully retakes this level, the next potential target is the price range of $3.031 to $3.169. The immediate support is the 200-day EMA which is at $2.478 followed by the 20-day EMA at $2.347.

As long as these favorable conditions continue, it is likely that the Synthetix price will remain bullish in the near term.

Sustainable Crypto App C+Charge (CCHG) One of the Best Cryptos to Buy Today

Prepare to experience a radical transformation in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry with C+Charge’s cutting-edge peer-to-peer payment platform and rewards program. By utilizing blockchain technology and forming vital partnerships, C+Charge will soon help EV owners more easily search for and access secure charging stations while earning carbon credit cryptocurrency as a reward.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get CCHG tokens for just $0.013 USDT during the first stage of presale before prices increase to a final price of $0.02350 in three stages. This ambitious project has already raised over $550K and is on track to raise more than enough funds for their app launch.

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