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More details on the W3RW can be viewed here and in the dedicated Gitbook documentation here.

The W3RC is a DAO with 13 Council seats, instantiated for Web3 Renaissance Patrons, who serve as overarching beacons for the designers, buyers, fabricators, collectors and all who are pioneering the web3 fashion movement.

  • The council will engage in liquidity provision for market making activity.
  • The council will cultivate and coordinate inter DAO min/max squad purchasing activity for power leveling of mutual prominence in rapidly expanding markets.
  • The council will feature assets in the indie web3 fashion market — from designers to works to other infrastructure accelerants.
  • The council will also coordinate and vote on the further evolution of their role within the market and the potential expansion of seats within the council.

Recognising the metaverse for what it is; a radical expansion in economic opportunities on a scale never seen before, significantly dwarfing the internet itself. Every walk of life will be impacted and transformed, including how we communicate, create, connect, live, play, love, and work.

A conservative estimate would be a 10,000x scale up.

The primary debate amongst those who realise the extent of this opportunity revolves around the timeline for how long this total global economic and cultural shift will take place. Rather than stake anything of substance on our personal opinions about how soon it will be, we are dedicated to advancing the timeline.

The full expanse of ways, small and large, this networked digital and physical convergence will reshape livelihoods are too numerous to count. However, the core pillars of web3 and metaverse enabled industry necessary to support it, are few.

Web3 fashion is the most compelling of those core drivers for full metaverse expansion as early in this timeline as humanly possible.

Most leaders in web3 are still limited by the old competitions over getting in and staying in the 9.9%. Although they have significantly more wealth and comfortable lifestyles compared to the 90%, it is still of a relatively fixed total.

The 0.1% remain entirely out of reach, and disinterested. Some pioneers in web3 focus more on expanding the present 100% by as much as 10x in a short multi-year range. This is better, but still misses the simultaneous 10,000x that the metaverse entails.

Only those willing to venture far beyond the conflicts and comforts of the old 100% perimeter have real hope to unlock its potential.

Each council seat is represented by an ultra rare NFT, where these NFTs are available for purchase on the open market at an instant buy price of 100ETH.

One of these 13 seats is reserved for the head steward of this initiative to guide, lead and maintain the coordination, scale up, and infrastructure development for movement.

The NFT grants all holders;

  • An allocation of $MONA, $W3F and spread of ERC-20 fashion, gaming and metaverse tokens launched through the protocol stack and ecosystem.
  • Additional rare NFTs brought forth under this initiative will be included as well.
  • Governance weight within the W3MI & iW3Fi indexes for curation, rebalancing and liquidity provision.

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