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The quick expansion of Farsite

Farsite Universe is rapidly expanding. Within the last couple of weeks 619,378,000 Credits have been burnt in the process of Sectors acquisition, over 400’000’000 Credits were released from cNFT Ships and Modules. Players reserved 460 Sectors with only 240 left available so far.

To those who are not yet among 500,000 registered players waiting for the Alpha – the main asset in the game, as obvious as it may seem for a space MMO, is a Spaceship. Ships are unique in their appearance and characteristics, there are multiple models of Spaceships with various rarity and characteristics.

But the most interesting part is that these Ships are not regular NFTs. Each and every ship, as well as modules (used to tune and modify your ships), are cNFTs, which means Collateral Non-Fungible Tokens – ERC-721 tokens with ERC-20 standard tokens – Credits – locked inside as collateral. 

The usecase of the Farsite Credits

farsite planet

Credits are the universal in-game currency burnt upon most in-game applications. They are required by players for almost every in-game action, including but not limited to:

  • Refuel and repair ships
  • Produce Ships and Modules
  • Mine Resources
  • Acquire Sectors on planets
  • Build planetary bases
  • Make blueprint copies

With the main purpose of Credits being staking as collateral to produce new cNFT Ships and Modules, which in the future could be used as collateral themselves, enabling lending against game assets.

After the initial distribution of Credits, players can only acquire them when they purchase Crates, which are containers with valuable game items and the only source for original Blueprint required to build spaceships. The limited Crates pre-order launches on the 2nd of December.

The next Starmap checkpoint: Pre Alpha sale

farsite starmap
Farsite Starmap

In mid-August, the Starmap was released, which gave the early adopters the ability to explore a number of explored galaxies and some insight into what the game will look like. Moreover, it enabled players to secure Sectors on planets to build their base with mining and production facilities in the upcoming  Alpha release of the game. 

Speaking of the Alpha, the early Alpha release is scheduled for December, 14. The community follows and discusses the development process on the project’s Discord server. Check detailed guidelines to learn more about the game and its unique economy. 



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