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We are pleased to announce our partnership with QuickSwap to jointly organize liquidity mining activities.QuickSwap the largest decentralized exchange running on the Polygon Network!

Reward: $dQuick worth 25000 $USDT
Time: Jan. 5th 6:00 pm UTC – Feb. 5th 6:00 pm UTC.

You need to provide liquidity for the USDT-UART trading pair on QuickSwap, and then stake the LP Token of the trading pair in the USDT-UART liquidity mining pool. The tutorial is as follows:

  • Buy $UART directly on “QuickSwap”
  • Go to “pool”tab and add liquidity in USDT-UART pool
  • Find USDT-UART on “Farm” and stake your LP
  • That’s it! You are now earning dQUICK for staking your LP!

To encourage users to provide liquidity for the USDT-UART trading pair, QuickSwap will officially provide $dQuick worth 25000 $USDT as an incentive. After getting $dQuick, users can wait for Dragon’s Syrup Pool about a week later, then stake $dQuick in a pool with $UART rewards to get $UART. The pool has an incentive of 440,000 $UART and is worth about 50,000 $USDT.

After you get $UART through Dragon’s Syrup Pool, you can use it in UniArts’ gallery, “The impossible Art Formula”. The $UART is not meant to be consumed directly, but to be used in voting for your favorite NFT by staking $UART, and you will get more $UART every day. Please, start voting via the link below:

Voting tutorial:


Voting video tutorial:


By: Uniarts Network


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