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The day is almost here for you to choose. After months of hard work, anticipation and preparation, Nifty’s is excited to launch the Red Pill / Blue Pill Mission on Wednesday, January 5th. This will be the first of a series of missions for The Matrix Avatars and will allow you, our community, to begin writing your own story. In this update we’ll share what’s in store for this experience and provide a quick update on our system upgrades over the past month.

How it works

Starting on the 5th of January, those who hold base avatars get to make an important decision: Take the blue pill and stay in the Matrix, or take the red pill and venture down the rabbit hole. That decision can be made for each avatar at no additional cost here.

What this choice means for an avatar:

If you choose the blue pill, all visual attributes for that avatar including clothing, facial features, hair and accessories will remain the same. The only visual element that will change for your avatar is the background, of which there are three possible Digital Rain outcomes that are randomly selected.

If you choose the red pill, only a few attributes for that avatar will remain the same, like skin tone and body type. Your avatar’s clothing and accessories will change, while other attributes such as facial hair, hair color, haircut and facial expression may or may not evolve based on our randomized selection. Similar to blue pill avatars, red pill avatars will receive one of three different Digital Rain backgrounds. It is important to note, transitioning from a base avatar to red pill avatar is essentially a “re-roll” for attributes. Any rare attribute that your base avatar has will likely be lost if you choose a red pill.

Introducing Non-Visual Attributes

When an avatar is given a red or blue pill, non-visual attributes for each avatar will be revealed as a way of bringing your avatar deeper into the Matrix universe. The key non-visual attribute categories are strength, constitution, dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma, and depending on which pill an avatar is given, the attribute in that category will align with that choice. For example, blue pill avatars will receive a credit score (constitution), zen (wisdom), and social followers (charisma) — necessities of life for those stuck in the Matrix — while red pill avatars will receive non-visual attributes needed to survive unplugged from the Matrix, such as will (constitution), perception (intelligence), and movement (dexterity). Each avatar will have every non-visual attribute that correlates with their chosen pill.

Some of these attributes will have numeric values associated with them and will be a part of future missions. There will also be attributes that will not have numeric values and will be received by both red and blue pilled avatars. For example, each avatar will unveil a “vote” attribute that will permit its holder to participate in future votes impacting the Matrix Avatars community.

We view all attributes — whether visual or non-visual, numeric or non-numeric– as representing a canvas for the creativity of the community. We have ideas for how these attributes can be used in the future — but we want to hear and build upon the ideas from the community as well.

To view your avatar’s non-visual attributes, simply visit the Matrix Event page and click on an individual avatar that has been given a red or blue pill.

Now, The Mission Begins…

Red Pill / Blue Pill launches Wednesday, January 5th at 1:01 PM EST. Remember, there is no time limit on choosing Red Pill / Blue Pill for your avatar. Players can enter the mission whenever they want; however, once a selection is made, it cannot be undone, even if it is sold or transferred to a new collector.

Looking to get in the game? Those who missed out or were unable to mint a Matrix Avatar on our launch date are welcome to browse and purchase on Nifty’s Secondary Marketplace.

Site Updates

Additionally, after experiencing challenges handling the demand for the initial The Matrix Avatars launch, we wanted to share how we are even better prepared for this next big moment:

  • First, we’ve increased our cloud capacity by nearly 30 to manage user traffic, and we load tested both our internal systems and third party vendors at greater than 2X our launch day traffic.
  • We’ve improved our queuing system with our partner, Queue It, to better control the traffic that hits our site and ensure no one is either “bumped” from the queue or able to “jump” the line.
  • Finally, we’ve executed a thorough testing process of the Red Pill / Blue Pill mission to ensure users have a seamless experience when it is their time to choose.

With these improvements we’re excited to invite the entire Matrix Avatars community to enjoy the next step in the experience on January 5th. . Now, the only question that remains, what will you choose… the Red Pill or Blue Pill?

It’s all happening on Nifty’s. Follow along for more info and missions to come, and remember to share and tag @niftys on social.

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