Dear Crew, we have some important news to share. R-Planet is announcing the start of the scaling down process for the initial aether accumulation phase. Thanks to joint efforts from our amazing community and fellow cosmonauts, we were able to survive the dangerous flight through uncharted space, arrange a comfortable life on R-Planet, and get prepared for the Conquest phase of our mission.

For now, the daily supply of the aether mined is more than enough and fully provides for the needs of all the settlers. We are however expecting an additional portion of new materials available for the inventing during the preparation for the Conquest. So keep your eyes out for that.

One of our main goals is to show our appreciation to all who put their efforts into aether mining. To present an opportunity for them to transfer their achievements into a possibility to join the R-Planet governance and earn some passive income from the project.

The scaling down process of the initial aether accumulation will be held in a few stages. The first step is the delisting of all the third-parties projects’ NFTs from the R-Planet Staking System. The delisting will happen on December 31, 2021.

On December 31, all the NFTs of third-party projects will stop mining aether.

Sometime after this, partnering projects, as well as other projects supported by the community, will be listed on the R-Planet Staking System under new terms. These new terms will be described to you in the near future.

Meanwhile, the R-Planet Conquest development is in its active phase. Please view the video made from the development of this phase and feel the excitement we all feel.

In the video you can look over the basic working interface, the map of the base, and watch the construction of buildings in the mobile version. Even with these fantastic images and strides in development, there is still much work ahead. We can see how amazing the game will look and get an idea of the spectacular gameplay that awaits us.

Our dear Crew, sometimes waiting can be the hardest thing. We know this and greatly appreciate your patience. We are working extremely hard to bring you an amazing experience. Together we will make the world talk about R-Planet in 2022🌟! For now we’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year🎄!




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