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These shoes are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do!

Explore the Sandbox Metaverse in style with this new collection of NFT shoes that are dropping in the Marketplace on Saturday, January 8th at 3PM UTC to get a chance to walk in those shoes!

The NFTs

On January 8, 2022, future players will have the chance to discover the Shoemaker Crater collection, a series of shoe NFTs that will be on sale on the Sandbox Marketplace. completing puzzles and fighting monsters along the way, in search for a pair of shoes lost long ago when the comet struck.

On January 8th, the Shoemaker Crater: The Search for the Lost Sole experience will hit the Game Maker and you will be able to play around this new world. Completion of the quest earns the first 400 winners an airdropped pair of limited-edition boots unavailable elsewhere on the primary market. These pairs will be airdropped into the winner’s wallets after The Sandbox ecosystem migrates over to the Polygon network. More on that soon.

Tempel Tuttle Footwear is a digital casual footwear brand created in 2021 that exists only in metaverse platforms. With avatar wearables and showrooms in The Sandbox and other metaverses, Tempel Tuttle aims to be the best digital casual footwear brand in web3, and is proud to have zero stores in real life.

Shoemaker Crater: The Search for the Lost Sole is the first game by the brand.

Hop to the Marketplace on January 8th at 3PM UTC and see if the shoe fits!

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