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The history of MoonCats..

Before 2018 and the ERC-721 standard for Non-Fungible Tokens, some projects appeared to push the boundaries of what was possible to achieve on Ethereum, best known is obviously CryptoPunks, but before that, there were also others.

In 2017, PonderWare decided to create a whole project around a virtual and pixelated cat rescue. We are not talking about CryptoKitties but about the MoonCats project! To save these poor cats lost in space, it was necessary to randomly generate them from the smart contract.

Indeed it took a very long time to save all these little cats but finally after four years almost all of the 25,440 cats were rescued, well, almost because 160 genesis cats will remain on the Moon forever following a vote by the community.

How did the distribution go?

Mooncat Rescue distribution

All this time, these cats were almost abandoned on the Moon. But no fear, this is no longer the case today! Since NFTs gained great popularity and thanks to crypto-archaeologists, this year a new community has been created around MoonCats.

First, let’s look at the Ponderware team:

  • David Scarpetti : Founder & Lead Dev
  • Brooks Boyd : Community Member Prime & Senior Dev
  • Jason  : Founder
  • Anna Marie Privitere:  Community Manager & Project Manager
  • Dan Millar: Developer 
  • Mark Darling: Junior Developer
  • PixelLitterbox: Social Media Manager & Accessory Artist

It is always interesting to see how the distribution went as well as how the NFTs were generated. Ponderware applied itself to having a fair distribution as well as the most random generation possible.

Since all MoonCats were adopted, the project has evolved with many new features and the community has developed a space roadmap.

A complete MoonCats universe

mooncat accessory

The evolution that the project has undergone since its rediscovery has been dazzling! It has now become a much more complete ecosystem that has put its community at the center of decision making.

First of all, the accessories.. it’s possible to include additional elements to customize your cat! Just go to the accessory designer page to create a hat, a sweater or gloves for your MoonCat.

If the creative energy is not there, there is an accessory shop to look for something to dress your cat in.

Beyond the accessories, another initiative is particularly interesting, lootprint. Inspired by the Loot project, each Mooncat owner is able to have the opportunity to mint his Lootprint which in turn  creates a rocket to explore space!

Want to get involved in the MoonCat ecosystem?


An offer came in that the MoonCats could not pass up to create their own flavors of MoonCatPop, a virtual soda NFT that begins minting on Wednesday Nov 24th. In the first batch, 84 MoonCats elected to become Spokescats, each repping their own soda designs and flavours. Each vending machine dispenses 100 photorealistic animated can NFTs at just 0.05 ETH each. Once they sell out, they are gone for good!

If running your own vending machine is something you are interested in, there will be another opportunity for MoonCat cuddlers to snag a vending machine later this year. So keep your diamond paws ready to slap that mint button, and join the friendly MoonCatCommunity discord.

The MoonCats roadmap

Looking at the Roadmap  planned for the Mooncats, the stages are enough to make any metaverse lovers dream come true. Several of them have already been initiated starting with “Astral Projection”. There are now dedicated spaces in Isotile or The Sandbox where it is possible to see your Moontcat evolve!

The next short-term steps will be to be able to change your name (Autographs), be more present on-chain (Chain Gang) or have a dedicated game (Sportballs).

For the long term, the search for their home planet (Deep Space) seems to be an important step. The desire to create different musical elements (Discordant Meows), tell their story (Linguistics) or the mysterious quest “Treasure Planet” are part of the next steps in the journey.

The challenges that await these little cats are still numerous, but with a close-knit community like theirs, travelling through space should not be a problem!


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