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2021 was quite a year for the 0N1 Force Family and, as we head into a new year full of exciting plans and opportunities, the team wanted to take a moment to reflect on where they’ve been.

0N1 Force public sale launched on August 19, 2021 and sold out within minutes. The first roadmap milestone was an NFT derivative contest in which winners were awarded an 0N1 Force NFT. We saw incredible submissions from across the 0N1 Force community and ultimately selected ten winners.

The award for first place 0N1 Force derivative went to Richie J Mason for his stone depiction of K4M-1 #07.

@Richenks stone depiction on left — 888’s K4M-1 on right.

The second and third place derivatives went to Jesse.Soleil + DianaeSinclair and GreyRadian respectively.

Shortly after launch, 0N1 Force participated in a Twitter Space with Justin Taylor, the Head of Consumer Product Marketing at Twitter. We had an opportunity to review our project in detail and discuss future developments.


This quickly catapulted us into September where we heard from the community that they wanted to bring a Loot-inspired project of their own to the table. In early September, the idea for 0N1 Gear was born within a small team from the 0N1 Force community. This team led the development of the roadmap, NFTs, website, mint/launch process and more. In the end, 0N1 Gear brought in 42.54245061 ETH ($201,657.20) for the Community Wallet.

September also introduced us to the first 0N1 KA1 — Steve Aoki, who truly exemplified strength, style, and spirit in his early adoption of NFTs. Steve Aoki was seen wearing homemade 0N1 Force sneakers at one of his shows and using his 0N1 KA1 as a PFP.

0N1 Force team at dinner with Steve Aoki — the first 0N1 Force 0N1 KA1.

Not to be outdone, DJ Kaku came in hot in September doing personal shows for the 0N1 Force community, which quickly became known as the Ethereal Encrave. DJ Kaku has played countless sets for the community since then.

When Bored Ape Yacht Club went to Christies in September, the 0N1 Force community showed up en force donning their suits to support the BAYC community. This resulted in new 0N1 Force community members from the Bored Ape Yacht Club and surrounding communities.

0N1 Force suiting up for Bored Ape Yacht Club going to Christies in September

The team ended September with a giveaway of an Adam Bomb Squad NFT to celebrate and honor the 0N1 Force community.


October saw the first ever IRL 0N1 Force event — LA 1NV1TE ON1Y. Hundreds of 0N1 Force community members gathered in Los Angeles to party with strength, style, and spirit. The community perfectly embodied their 0N1s with their masks and costumes. They danced to live music and admired the live art paintings done by Logik and Brainpasta.

1NV1TE 0N1Y in Los Angeles

In October, the 0N1 Force team partnered with Hwaji to create Cryptovoxels wearables in the form of 0N1 Force Ones. We have seen numerous community members wandering the Metaverse with their 0N1 Force Ones on their feet, hands, and more!

0N1 Force Ones by Hwaji for Cryptovoxels

Cromagnus began writing the 0N1 Force comic in October, in partnership with Josh Blaylock. With excitement brewing in the Enclave, the community held an 0N1 cosplay contest. The winner, araremood, won the prize of making an appearance in the anticipated tokenized comic.

Araremood’s winning cosplay of her 0N1 #0484

The cover of the first comic was shared a bit later to commemorate another amazing team achievement (hint: Comic-Con)— and the first issue of the comic is expected to be released in early January 2022.

Comic cover for Issue 1 of 0N1 Force — The Comic

The second 0N1 KA1 was named in October and was, appropriately, DJ Kakuberry in honor of everything he had done for the 0N1 Force community. DJ Kaku continues to play exclusive DJ sets for the community, and habitually rocks his 0N1 KA1, mask-on and mask-off, as his PFP on social media.

Ethereal Encrave Flier of 0N1 KA1- Kakuberry

Later in October, 0N1 Force released the first expression of the 0N1 Force Metaverse with a custom build in Rec Room. The Demon’s Kiss was brought to life online, and has served as a gathering place for 0N1s for hangouts and community events. The team continues to build and improve the Demon’s Kiss in Rec Room in partnership with Rec Room leadership.


By: 0N1 Force


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