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Just like the ancient God of crafts and creation, ENKI, this realm gives new form to the eternal human traditions of artisanship and the generation of culture through fashion.

Using cutting edge 3D softwares and first hand experience in the digital fashion space, this realm provides physical fashion brands and designers with a vision of how their business models can be transformed to encapsulate the rapidly expanding digital and web3 worlds.

ENKI explores a number of use cases through these technologies, such as supporting sustainability incentives through the reduction of fabric waste during the design process by allowing designers to test out custom designs for clients on custom sized avatars before production.

Other use cases being explored are: digital dressing, cutting edge promotional material, metaverse implementation, AR filters, VR implementation, digital avatar and scene creation, NFT collaborations. And as technologies develop more over time, the opportunities will only grow.

ENKI prioritises digital dressing as an important implementation of this tech, to demonstrate to physical fashion brands a more familiar market that this technology is enabling: digital fashion influencers.

Stay tuned for dedicated Twitter spaces + discord live streams so you can start getting to know the web3 fashion labels and designers that are defining the future.

Also, check out the DIGITALAX discord #ENKI-DIGITAL-FASHION channel where more updates will be released!

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