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Launched by Richa S.

So much that brings depth to life happens all around us, all the time. These moments create a universe suffused with fulfillment, a feeling that you’d rather be here than anywhere else.

When you find yourself in these moments you want to relive them again and again, increasing the allure of future nostalgia. In this universe or a parallel one. In this galaxy or another microcosm.

What you wear is your Armour in this new universe. It is the most intimate tools that you have.

The Momento label uses fashion to evoke your most salient drives and intuitive perceptions that make you feel happy, content, excited, alone, introspective or whatever you want to inhabit in that moment.

Closely intertwining across two halves, Momento straddles between the MICROCOSM and the MACROCOSM.

MICROCOSM: The encapsulation of an entire world in a single moment, a glance, or microscopic experience.

MACROCOSM: The whole of a complex structure, especially the world or the universe, contrasted with a small or representative part of it.

Both these themes will be representative across the collections designed and released, the virtual world economies created, and the unique interactions between those more intrinsically engaged in the realm to the broader fashion economy.

Stay tuned for dedicated Twitter spaces + discord live streams so you can start getting to know the web3 fashion labels and designers that are defining the future.

Also, check out the DIGITALAX discord #MOMENTO channel where more updates will be released!

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