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No matter how small or how large, made by atoms or pixels, there’s a part of each and every one of us that just can’t help but to go up against the norms we’re raised to accept.

Go to the best university, join the best organizations, land a solid job right after graduation, get married, start a family, watch as your family works hard to repeat the cycle, retire, die.

But what about that misfit urge in each of us?

What happens when we stand out and recognize that something’s amiss? We’re the off brand, the unexpected, the start of something entirely new.

Launched by Midwest Misfit.

This is the second natively digi model to be spinning up their own realm. Midwest Misfit is another creature born in the metaverse.

Midwest Misfit is a digital incarnation of the tension felt by every creative spirit who grew up in surroundings that never fit, wanting to be seen for who they are, and yet knew somehow, somewhere else there was also so much more.

Hailing all the way from the metaverse gates emerging in the central Midwest, this misfit lives to reminds us all to express the more hidden parts of ourselves which we might otherwise hold back to fit in and play nice.

A large focus of Midwest Misfit is how digital garment design not only expands the range of what can be worn by this digital native but also supplies an ever growing closet for others with like backgrounds and misfit souls to make each fit their own.

Midwest Misfit will also be exploring digital modeling and characterisation and how this relates to web3 fashion and the broader principles behind decentralised collaboration, co-creative and creative production.

Stay tuned for dedicated Twitter spaces + discord live streams so you can start getting to know the web3 fashion labels and designers that are defining the future.

Also, check out the DIGITALAX discord #MIDWEST-MISFIT channel where more updates will be released!

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