• When will $W3F rewards start distribution?

They will start this week through both the $MONA Staking platform, $W3F Staking platform, and also through The DLTA System. For the full distribution schedule and also utility of $W3F please see here and here.

This is the very first multi-token deposits under the new staking contracts and is also the second dedicated web3 fashion token to come into the ecosystem and web3 in general. Huge next exciting steps, especially in combination with the Patrons platform and also Collector DAO formations (More info on this coming soon!).

  • Will governance be live this week?

Governance voting will be on hiatus for this coming week given that it is the holiday period and many of the community is active IRL with Christmas and New Year related events, thus voting is significantly down, as we saw from last weeks Snapshot proposals 😳

We will resume governance voting this time next week and also be introducing a new governance initiative with the launch of the Collector DAO platform, dedicated to the Indie Web3 Fashion Ecosystem. Stay Tuned!

$SOS token was made claimable to all Opensea platform buyers on Christmas Eve overnight, filling people’s Christmas stockings with an unexpected surprise. It’s an interesting move by The Open DAO— in terms of marketing, it certainly got a huge amount of attention, with the DAO’s Twitter amassing over 70,000 followers in just 24 hrs, now it’s over 100,000.

Whether the team will rug pull or not, remains to be seen… but there certainly are a few red flags. See the thread below 👇

It’s really nothing new, just history repeating itself once again, when you first start something that is slightly left afield, they all mock you and call you fake, a scammer, and an infinite variety of other ways of saying that you are a “threat to their incumbency”.

Sometimes, it’s best to just wait it out, and let them see it when the rest of the world does. We can’t all be early.

Other times, it’s best to call them out in Fud Faq and laugh about how ridiculous they are. 😆



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