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The next archetypal buy side DAO launching under the Patrons Platform and is… Copyright Cartel: 0 (CC:0).

  • See the full documentation for the DAO here.
  • View it live on the Patrons platform here.

The Copyright Cartel: 0 (CC:0) DAO is a dedicated Web3 Creative Commons DAO, focusing specifically on indie fashion and other creative derivative markets for cultivating well capitalised open source.

This DAO exists to accelerate the entire creative world to the long overdue, very near future when control over creative works no longer ruin so many lives. Ultimately, this is due to the abuses Copyright Cartels and the fake promise that a certificate on paper of permission from them will mean any more than pennies for original creators.

Ultimately, information wants to be free, and web3 allows for new models of monetisation when creative people can do whatever the hell that they want with each others ideas.

Finally backing our ideals with real profit.

This DAO was instigated as a collaborative effort between F₃Manifesto and TECHN0M0RPH — two indie web3 fashion designer realms.

Both realms previously made a commitment for all content produced and released under their labels to be completely CC0 i.e. anyone can do whatever the fuck they want with any of it.

Core Activities

  • Every week at least 10 creative works and items will be open sourced to the Meta Source Vaults — either items that are produced internally by or in collaboration with the DAO, or items collected that are already CC0 compatible (Changing the flow of capital).
  • Fashion and other creative derivates will be actively generated from CC0 content and then sold as NFTs.
  • Efforts will be made to allocate resources from the DAO Treasury to buy and open up the rights to previously closed source content, files and information i.e. FBX source file etc.
  • The DAO will buy, collect and elevate creators in web3 that are fully embracing IP freedom through their released works.
  • Educational content will be continuously released by the DAO about IP in web3 and new creative worlds without walled gardens.

Join the DAO

  • Purchase a membership NFT from the DIGITALAX Patrons platform here.
  • Each membership NFT is priced at $10,100 USD equivalent in ETH. There is no limit to the amount of membership NFTs that can be bought. Each NFT offers governance and coordination in the DAO across voting and treasury market allocations and activity.
  • Contribute to the DAO through a CC:0 NFT Auction or Other Sale Event.
  • Besides outright purchasing a membership NFT, and in order to cultivate more artists and creators joining this cause, membership to the DAO can also be attained through a creator or other backer organising and manifesting a fashion related Creative Commons project, whereby the final creative piece is auctioned off or sold as an NFT, and the proceeds from the sale go towards the DAO treasury.

This federated model of countless DAOs learning from and mutually assisting each other through hypergrowth network effects is far better than any one DAO to rule them all, let alone one DAO to collect mostly the old symbols of corporate luxury, wealth, and power (which is unfortunately all that we have today).

Stay tuned as more collector DAOs flood the indie web3 fashion space!

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