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With the first ever Realm Runway event set to take place during New York Fashion Week February 2022, what better time than now to begin shaking up and refashioning the approach novel events take towards sponsor relations.

You can think of these Realm Runways as time gated experiential offshoots and global satellites that can be spun up by any GDN designer (kind of like TedX events with one coming to a city near you soon), and thus, the RRS DAO will be critical to coordinating, governing, underwriting and supporting these activities.

Throughout the many decades of modern high fashion, runway events have signaled the most influential and outre of cultural trends while driving the buying behaviors of massive commercial markets, sometimes for a season and sometimes for years. It’s sometimes overlooked just how far reaching this is. The web3 evolution of the classic runway event fully embraces the immersive nature of what happens when diverse industries, desires, and opportunities come together in an unforgettable time and place.

For visitors and buyers, models, photographers, stylists, and designers, these runway events balance the thrill of exploration of new creative movements with the prospect of tangible life enhancement through NFT governed access to new cultural groups (DAOs), pathways to economic independence (DeFi), and how we navigate the next medium we all connect and interact through — the IRL+ web3 metaverse. The most FOMO inducing draw of Realm Runway events is the welcome invitation for so many NFT and web3 fashion curious people working in the heart and periphery of creative industries to finally have a way to understand just what these new concepts and devices can do for them, where it all fits in their lives, and how they can also join in to these exciting times of fast moving change.

It’s the expectation of anticipation.

When a fashion lover is lucky enough to attend a fashion week runway event in person they don’t know what the designer will show them. They likely don’t even know what the physical set and setting will be like. Even when that experience isn’t conventionally immersive, the air of mystery and discovery is a potent part of the allure.

“You’re forging a special bond that will be permanently recorded on the blockchain.

You can’t right click and save that.”


— –

For the first Realm Runway event, we are making available 3 tiers of NFTs that represent the historic nature and high quality work of globally decentralised networks of designers, models, hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, and everyone else involved in the transformation of traditional fashion into a revolutionary new industry that enhances life for all.

  • Tier One: 10ETH — 2 NFTs Available
  • Tier Two: 5ETH — 7 NFTs Available
  • Tier Three: 2.5ETH — 10 NFTs Available

Buy from the Patrons Platform here and see more about the tiers here.

At inception this DAO is stewarded as a collaborative effort between Progression, F₃Manifesto and Alana the Web3 Girl — three indie web3 fashion designer realms.

The realms are coordinating for the organisation of the first Realm Runway event.

These NFTs come with bonus utility beyond their status signaling symbolic value and their function as a pathway into the RRS DAO.

They entitle their collectors to be considered for active promotion and direct participation in select Realm Runway events, as long as they align with web3 values and are not actively antagonistic to advancing the principles of creative self-sovereignty against systems of centralized control. In keeping with web3 practices, these NFTs are sold in an open market — anyone can buy — but if a buyer is in some tangible way antithetical to human flourishing and personal freedom, they disqualify themselves from being our frens and allies. Great examples of these types of bad actors that we will not associate with would be members of the copyright cartels or the CCP.

Learn more here about how to join the DAO and get involved! More details on the first Realm Runway event to be shared soon!

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