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This is the second guild to go live and will grow as the derivative ecosystem within LOOK continues to build and evolve as more designers and holders enter community.

Further, LOOK is used as a core composable text material and fashion element across every designer realm, directly embedded through each designer realm smart contract stack and so will continue to grow in adoption and utilty.

Every LOOK holder was airdropped on Polygon a LOOK Golden Ticket NFT shortly after the first batch of minting. This NFT is what is used to gain membership and access to the LOOK Guild.

It can be staked here for engaging in guild appraisal activity for $DLTA, $W3F and $MONA distribution.

If you’d like to join the LOOK guild there are still opportunities to mint more.

You can view the full token distribution schedules here for guild appraisal activity here and also the utility and core function of each token.

You can also stake whitelisted NFTs on the guild to be appraised. The starting whitelisted NFTs include that of the DIGITALAX NFTs and ScreenSaverWorld NFTs.

Next week there will also be a governance category created for PODE and LOOK guild members to be able to propose new contracts to be whitelisted for appraisal activity across each specific guild. More details will be shared on that shortly.

For full information for all LOOK holders on how to engage in appraisal and staking activity, please review these resources:

You can start using the appraisal actions to give feedback to those NFTs whitelisted and staked on the LOOK guild. More will be continuously added each day, and, if one of you own any of the NFTs that are whitelisted they will show up on the “Stake NFTs on Guild for Appraisal” page… you can choose to stake your NFT to be appraised and earn more $W3F, $MONA and $DLTA.

The metadata for NFTs being appraised is pulled in real time from decentralised databases like IPFS, therefore, sometimes load time can be lagging if these NFT metadata files are large. Please be patient with this, and avoid clicking refresh excessively.

  • You can also appraise your fellow LOOK holders and appraisers, which too influences the distribution of tokens across LOOK guild stakers.

Reach out on discord for any questions or issues that you are facing!

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